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Step by Step Installation Process of Security Door

Enterprise security is paramount, and businesses are embracing installing security products and technologies to secure business premises. Security doors are the most popular security product that most enterprises have incorporated as a security feature. Customs screen has invested in offering clients an array of these security doors. For more information visit There is a wide range of high-quality security screen doors of different shapes and colors.

Security doors offer both security and fresh air. The doors also come with optional features that provide added security. You can have the door installed by a professional or do it yourself, whichever you choose, it is vital to know the installation process. The knowledge will add to the overall security of your business. The following are steps to installing a security door:

Examine the Doorway

Before buying your security screen door, you require to measure your doorway frame. Then measure the length of all four sides of the frame. It is also best if you determine which side the door will be hinged. Some security screen doors come with handles already installed.

Purchase the Right Security Screen Door

Vendors sell security doors at different prices that provide for a variety of security needs. A business in a neighborhood with a relatively low crime has different security requirements than a diamond shop next to a pawn store. Getting help from a professional helps you make the right choice for your needs. It is also helpful to talk to your local fire brigade team, and they will inform you of different considerations regarding security screen doors and fire safety.

Read Instructions and Check Equipment

It is vital to read the manufacturer’s manual and instructions thoroughlydoor and verify that you have all the tools to install the door. The next step is to take out all the screws and put them in separate cups according to the type and location of where they will go. Then determine the side the handles and locks will go on. Then attach both the exterior and interior backing plate to the door. Then carefully place the snib lever and inside handle into the internal backing plate that is on the door. While holding the snib lever, put the handle assembly and backing plate together on the lock part. Ensure the handle is pointing towards the side the hinges are on and is horizontal.

The Hinges and Installing the Door

Screw the hinges onto the door. Also, ensure your measurements for the location are precise. Cut the Z bar with a hacksaw shorter than the width of the doorway. With help, hold the security screen door up while you fix it inside the doorway.…

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